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Melanie Rigney's Clients Say . . .

  "Melanie always made me look good when editing my articles for Writer's Digest, so I hired her for the new edition of Writing Nonfiction. I recommend every author use an editor, and Mel is my first choice."  
— Dan Poynter, ParaPublishing.com,
author of The Self-Publishing Manual

  "Jenkins Group had a monster of a project that needed an excellent proofreader. The manuscript was 600 pages plus, the clients were technologically challenged, and the turnaround was tight. Despite all of the challenges, Melanie provided the job on time and within budget. My clients were thrilled with the results of the proofreading and the manuscript is now a viable book because of her efforts." clients
  — Leah Nicholson, The Jenkins Group

  "I cannot recommend Melanie Rigney high enough. She is, without a doubt, one of the top editors in the country. Her vast experience, attention to detail, incredibly sharp mind, valuable suggestions and quality work make her the only editor I will ever hire to edit my books."  
— Patricia Lorenz, Patricialorenz.com, author of six books,
traditionally and self-published, and one of the top
contributors ot the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

  "Melanie provided outstanding editorial work on The Good Dog Library, our six book series for dog owners. She dramatically improved the covers and the contents, delivering each volume on time and on budget. The positive response from our customers has exceeded expectations. We want to use her very talented and experienced services again."  
— David B. Lee, CEO-publisher, Tufts Media LLC


"You have provided some much needed direction--I was really feeling stalled and needed a bit (a lot?) of a shove."

Susan Alcorn, author of We're in the Mountains — Not Over
the Hill: Tales and Tips from Seasoned Women Backpackers




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