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Contact me . . . let's get started on your project

I'd love to help you!

Please e-mail me information about your project.  If I can't help you, I'll be happy to refer you (at no charge) to someone who can. Please include:

  • A brief description of your work — is it for adults, children, fiction, nonfiction, genre (romance, mystery, self-help, etc.; where would it appear on a bookstore shelf?)

  • Have you finished your book? If so, how many words is it? If not, how much have you written?

  • What type of help are you seeking — copy editing, content editing, an evaluation, coaching? Help with a book proposal? (See Editorial Services for more.)

  • What are your writing goals? Are you planning to self-publish? Are you seeking a traditional publisher or literary agent? Is this a book primarily for your family and friends?

  • Are you a speaker who wants to have a book to sell in the back of the room?

  • How did you hear about me? (i.e. search engine, referral, listing on a Website, listing in a book)

Please include your e-mail address in your response. You'll hear from me within three business days. I look forward to working with you.


Prefer to write from the comfort of your browser? Use the following form to get in touch. Your name and email address are required. Use the message space to tell me a little about your project. Keep it to a couple of hundred words, please. There'll be plenty of opportunity to get into details if we decide to work together.





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