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Do you want your book to be the best it can be?

     Publishing is all about marketing these days, whether you self-publish or go the traditional route. And great marketing begins with a great book.

     It’s my privilege as an editor and writer with more than thirty years of professional experience to help your manuscript sing. I can provide an overall evaluation (with specifics about what’s working and what’s not and how you might improve it) or content / developmental editing. Here’s my rate sheet. Please note: I no longer do copyediting or proofreading.

     My experience includes five years at Writer’s Digest, nine years at Advertising Age, and acquisitions and development work at two book publishers. See the About page for more about my background. See my Speaking page to see the type of presentations I do for writers’ conferences.

     As a published author (see www.melanierigney.com for the writing side of my life), I understand writers and the challenges we face today. I’d be honored to be part of your journey.




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